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This video explains the Sneak Peek concept. After the pandemic, after not being able to travel, many realize the importance of having a vacation and the desire to make the best of this precious time. With the advent of app-based rentals like Airbnb, the need for vacation reconnaissance is clear after just one bad experience. A rental that just wasn’t anything like it was advertised, a condition (like construction) that stole your peace, or necessities like AC in a hot country that just didn’t work. Sometimes a small detail can destroy a vacation.

A “sneak peek” or comprehensive evaluation of your holiday destination could mean the difference between terrible and awesome. At the very least, it could prepare you to deal with or prepare properly for minor inconveniences. Don’t risk losing the mental health benefits of a good vacation by being unprepared.

Sneak Peek concept - Badge Accessible

What does it mean to be Sneak Peek Certified?

Having the sneak Peek badge of approval on your holiday rental website means that we have inspected your location and have certified it to be “as advertised” and “accessible” for wheelchairs and walkers. Don’t have a certified badge of approval yet? Contact Sneak Peek today! Many people won’t book without this badge!

Sneak Peek concept - Not Accessible

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A New York family expecting a dreamy Florida getaway in Delray Beach instead got a rodent-infested Airbnb nightmare.

Darren Sheehan and his family forked over more than $6,000 to stay at a home in Delray Beach last year, he said in the Suffolk County Supreme Court filing.

They arrived with kids in tow on Feb. 18, 2022 to find piles of dirty sheets, filthy dishes and utensils, old food in the fridge, countertop stains and, “worse of all, the bathroom toilet was splattered with feces,” Sheehan said in the legal filing.

Sneak Peek concept - Rats