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The following items are included in each Sneak Peek:

Air Conditioning Status

When staying in Mexico, air conditioning is a necessity. There are days where the heat can be unbearable. A Holiday without sleep because it is too hot, is a game changer.


Running water is a must in a hot climate, and without hot water it is difficult to be comfortable and stay clean. We make sure all installed taps have clean running water under pressure.

Is the only toilet plugged? Do the sinks and tubs drain properly? Have confidence that the plumbing is sound. Sometimes the simple things in life can be important.

Appliances age and condition

Does your destination have working appliances as advertised? If there is a fridge, stove, dishwasher, and washer & dryer, are they in good working order? What size or capacity can they hold? Are they clean?


We’ll let you know about the level of security at the place you are staying. Is it a key card or key, is there an alarm system? Also, we will comment on the local area and what you can expect.


Some areas of Mexico don’t have Wi-Fi, and other places have it, but it is ridiculously slow. We’ll not only inform you of its existence, we’ll see if it is working at as advertised speed. Make sure you’re able to stay connected before you land in the dark ages.

Outside Atmosphere

You come to Mexico to hear the waves, not the jackhammer two doors down from you. Scouting nearby construction and their timetable is one of our priorities to share with you.

Nearby Amenities

Since you probably won’t spend your whole vacation indoors. Exploring new places and culture is part of lasting memories. You’ll receive images of the outdoors that surround the building that include the grounds.


If you have limited mobility, you can arrive knowing how many steps there are, if there is a ramp, even how wide the doors are in the place you’re staying. Are neighbourhood conditions for wheelchairs acceptable? If it’s a cobbled sidewalk or road, you will know and be prepared.